The Beauty Advice From Blackpink Lisa

Lalisa Manobal, popularly known as Lisa, is a Thai rapper, singer, and dancer who was born Pranpriya Manobal on March 27, 1997. Her last name is sometimes written Manoban. She is a part of the YG Entertainment-created South Korean girl group Blackpink. We can all see how gorgeous she is when it comes to beauty, therefore we'll look at her greatest beauty looks and the top beauty advice we can get from the Thai native.

1. A red lipstick transforms everything. It simply makes our lips shine and gives us more boldness, whether we're getting prepared for an evening out, a date, or simply because we seem like using it.

2. Minimum makeup has the biggest impact. Lisa always appears to be wearing very little makeup, which nicely highlights her beauty without being overdone. Lisa makes it apparent that sometimes, the greatest effect is achieved with the least amount of makeup by using only a touch of soft pink on her lips and lids as well as a swipe of brown eyeliner on her top lash.

3. Make any changes you like. Although Lisa is recognized for her flowing hair, she never hesitates to explore new designs. Whether this encourages you to get rid of your hair or get wigs, it demonstrates that the most important thing when exploring with beauty is to enjoy yourself.

4. Choose a volumizing hairstyle. We can experiment with a textured ponytail if we're seeking for new methods to style our long hair. It's simple to do on our own, quite adaptable, and suitable for both day and night. To enhance volume, all we need to do is tease the hair on top of our heads. After that, collect a section of our hair into a low ponytail and fasten it with that. The remaining ends should then be flat ironed and tugged to provide texture and volume.

5. Lovely hair is hair that is healthy. In order for our hair to seem healthy and lustrous, we need maintain it in prime shape. Don't forget to use conditioner and a mask after using a repairing shampoo. To ensure that we never forget to apply hair serum or oil, keep a bottle by our bed. Spread it through the lengths of the hair, paying special attention to the ends and avoiding the roots. In order to keep our hair straight and silky and to lock in shine, we should apply a finishing spray as the final step.

6. For added flair, dab some pink on our eyelids. Consider applying our favorite coral eyeshadow on the lids for a fast 2-minute eye makeover. Apply a transparent shimmering colour with our fingertips over the pink if we want to add more glitz. If we're on the run and didn't have eyeshadow, try applying blush to the lids instead. It will complete the appearance and provide color to our lids without requiring us to carry a heavy makeup pallet.

7. The finishing touch are the long, lush lashes. Eyelash extensions have gained more traction than ever for a reason. This is due to the fact that wearing long, thick lashes may instantly glam up the rest of our makeup without spending a lot of time on the eyes. Get a nice mascara that lengthens and thickens our lashes instead of eyelash extensions if we don't want to keep them. To make it appear as though we are using eyeliner, begin right at the root of our lashes. Don't forget to also take care of our lower lashes.

8. Your entire appearance will be altered with side swept bangs. If you've been considering getting bangs but are hesitant to go wild, swept bangs are a terrific option to explore. Compared to thick, full fringes, they are significantly easy to style and complement the majority of facial types. These are suitable for numerous hair lengths as well.

Will you give Lisa's beauty regimen a try? Share your thoughts with us.


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