Sleek, Natural Look: How to Contour Fair Skin?

We could be wondering how to outline and accent pale skin. Even while it can be challenging to get natural-looking sculpting tools, it can also be challenging to contour ourselves, especially if we have fair skin. 

Photo Credit: Canva

A face that is bronzed, glowing, and perfectly shaped comes to mind when we think about contouring. Know that we're not alone if our contouring palette appears more intimidating than inviting, despite the impression that the overwhelming majority of individuals can shape and highlight effortlessly. All of us started off as amateurs, but if we perfect the look with the appropriate products and application method for our skin tone, we won't be afraid of that contouring palette ever again. For this reason, we're giving this brief, detailed guide on how to contour fair skin.

Step-by-step Instructions for Contouring Your Face

STEP 1: Apply a Primer

Start by applying a primer on our skin. It decreases the visibility of pores and blurs flaws. A hydrating primer will give your skin a healthier, dewier appearance and give you a more radiant impact.

STEP 2: Use a Makeup Base

It is advised to balance out skin tone using foundation that precisely matches our complexion in order to make our contour seem as authentic as feasible. Starting with our standard foundation process is a good idea since a smooth canvas has to be prepped for excellent contouring and highlighting. A very crucial step that shouldn't be overlooked is applying foundation and concealer with powder. The use of sculpting powder will result in an uneven and patchy appearance on our skin if we neglect this step or only partially set our foundation.

STEP 3: Emphasize Our Skin with Highlighter Products

Start by emphasizing the features we want to emphasize in the centre of our face, such as our under-eyes, the middle of our forehead, and the bridge of our nose, before using contour to create shadow and depth to the edges of our face. For this phase, we should apply concealer that is one to two shades lighter than our skin tone.

Let's disregard the matte rule in this case if we want our skin to glow brightly. Apply the highlighter directly above the blush using a liquid or powder product with a lovely pearly, satin, or shimmery finish. It may also be blended on the face for an added shine after being connected to the brow bone highlighter.

STEP 4: Contour

If our skin tone is fair, seek for neutral earthtones that mimic the appearance of a natural shadow on our face. Apply it to areas that we want to seem more sculpted or defined, such as the area beneath our cheekbones, the sides of our nose, the sides of our forehead, and the area around our jawline.

Apply only a tiny dab of blush to our cheekbones, just above the contouring, to give our skin a youthful appearance. On those with fair skin tones, light pink and peach tints look the best, although any color can be used. Don't forget to blend the blush properly and keep it behind the borderline as well.

Always keep in mind that because fair skin doesn't naturally have a bronze color, contouring might appear forced. On fair skin, all makeup shows up considerably more, so be cautious of how much we wear. Being able to master it on people with fair skin might be challenging since we don't want to appear to have just risen from the dead. Never forget that over contouring will not do our lovely skin credit. 


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