Enough Secret Blemish All Care Ampoule: Skincare Review

My skin is not perfect. I'm also dealing with spots that are still around from my previous acne. I used to be quite distressed by the majority of my flaws. Every time I looked in the mirror, my self-esteem dropped and I felt horrible about myself. It was really dismal when I was a teenager. I'm now happy, thanks to the wonders of science and the appeal of Korean skincare products. As a result, my skin definitely transformed dramatically.

One of my interests is finding lots of skincare products, so during my highs and lows, I tried them all in the hopes that I would be able to live up to their claims. I originally discovered about Enough Secret Blemish All Care Ampoule three months ago, but I have only now had the opportunity to use it.

I'm not familiar with the Enough Co. brand, but they say they provide reliable products based on their extensive knowledge in the cosmetics industry. They produce all of their genuine products with great care and pride. They are a worldwide firm that manufactures common cosmetics products and works to boost customer confidence by providing trustworthy products.

AlgoWhite (Ascophyllum Nodosum extract), which makes blotchy skin even in tone and is beneficial for skin tone care, and Asiatic pennywort extract, which aids in skin protection, are both ingredients in the Enough Secret Blemish All Care Ampoule.


­čî║Prevents the formation of future dark spots and acne marks.

How To Use

At the next step of skin toner after washing, take a proper amount and apply it to the skin evenly for absorption.

This product reminds me of one from It's Skin that I've used in the past based on the packaging. I absolutely love everything related to Korean skincare, despite the fact that I don't know the brand all that well, so I'm eager to test this product in the same way I would any other.

While using it, I looked for this product multiple times but couldn't find any reviews or information that was useful. I was unable to find the ingredients, thus I am unsure of how this product is produced. So, by using it, I'm running the risk of an allergic reaction or perhaps a skin breakout on my face.

Anyhow, I gave it a try on my wrist before applying it on my face, and I can honestly say that it didn't cause any adverse effects or even a little amount of irritation there. So, after washing and toning my face, I applied a bunch. At first it seemed thick, but as I ran my fingertips over it, I saw that it absorbed rapidly and dried. I'm hoping that this one may hasten the zit on my chin's drying process.

After a week of using it, I noticed that my zit had dried up. My skin felt cleaner and was more pleasing to the touch. What matters most to me is that my pimple healed and there were no adverse effects on my face, even if my acne scars are still visible. The product's mild aroma is another something I like.

I'll still purchase it again even if I don't know much about the brand, especially if I need help with my acne. I also wanted to recommend this product to other people with skin issues. It could help you make acne scars and spots that you really want to get rid of less noticeable.

My Overall Rating:


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