Sooperbeaute’s Baby Skin Serum: Skincare Review

The grail of beauty industry for me is serum. It offers a number of advantages that may help us maintain and improve the youthful appearance of our skin. Because there are so many serums on the market, some of us are unsure what to use and which serum is ideal for our skin. Sooperbeaute's Baby Skin Serum will be featured in this blog.

Five years ago, I became interested in Korean skin care products. It first inflamed my skin. Perhaps it was the formulation of previous skincare products, but after living abroad, I tried different skincare products from Korea, and voilà! My skin's condition really improved. So I experimented with a variety of things on my skin, which is why I had such a diverse range of experiences. Most are fine, but a few are quite unpleasant, producing breakouts and irritations.

Sooperbeaute claims that this product combines snail and tomato serum for younger-looking skin that is radiant, poreless, and smooth to the touch. It moisturizes and smoothes the skin while also treating wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. With tomato extract rich in lycopene and vitamin E, it also revitalizes skin cells for a lovely, youthful glow. The skin will be nourished and moisturized with an ultra-absorbent formulation, which also helps heal wounds, cuts, and abrasions, including acne scars, and achieve bouncy-smooth baby skin.

🌺Aids in the smoothing of your skin and the attainment of a baby-skin complexion.
🌺Skin is nourished and smoothed.
🌺Lycopene-rich tomato extract high in Vitamin E that helps revitalize skin cells for a smooth and youthful look.
🌺It contains witch hazel extract, which is potent and effective at reducing the appearance of pores, resulting in poreless skin.
🌺Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots are all treated.
🌺Evens out discolorations on the skin
🌺Skin is hydrated and moisturized.
🌺It can be used to brighten dark under-eye circles.
🌺Aids in the healing of wounds, cuts, and abrasions

How To Use
Use after cleansing and toning. Apply one to two drops to your face and neck and pat to aid absorption.

Agua, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Triethonolamine, Vitamin E, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Lactic Acid, Matriarca Chamomilla, Hamamelis Virginiana, Lycopersicum Esculentum, Fragrance.

When I was on vacation months ago, I decided to buy two serums made in the Philippines. I felt quite enthusiastic since I thought it would be fantastic to try things from my own country. The first one I tried was the Sooperbeaute Beautiful Skin Serum, which I previously reviewed, and this Sooperbeaute Baby Skin Serum is great for those who have tired skin and visible pores.

Before utilizing a product, I read reviews to understand about its advantages and disadvantages. According to what I've read, Sooperbeaute Baby Skin Serum claims to have younger-looking skin that is radiant, relaxing, poreless, and soft to the touch. I especially like trying out new products, especially those with high ratings and nice appearances. I was captivated to this product due of its packaging and the pink serum's appearance. The serum is thick and has a grapefruit scent, similar to the previous Sooperbeaute serum I used.

During my vacation, I had visible pores and acne scars. That's why I put it to use immediately away. For the first two weeks, I didn't see any changes on my face, thus the acne on my chin doubled. Because my skin isn't used to strong serums, I feel it reacted adversely to this. My skin was thick and sticky. I stopped using it as soon as the pimples appeared. My pimple bumps then disappeared. I had inflammation and redness all over my face, which I thought would never go away.

The product's packaging may be appealing, but what happened to my face was unexpectedly bad. If given the chance, I will most emphatically refuse the opportunity to purchase this product again. Because I adore utilizing serums, I was quite disappointed with this one. It will aggravate skin problems, thus I would not recommend it to someone who has sensitive skin like myself. I will not use this product again because it was so bad for my skin.

My Overall Rating:


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