Beautèderm Rejuvenating Set: Skincare Review

In the Philippines, there are several rejuvenating packages available, and many people risk on which product would suit their skin the best. The Beautèderm Rejuvenating Set is now the most in-demand item, and I'm fortunate that it's available in Qatar. I feel compelled to write a review of this product because I bought it, therefore after using it for a month, I want to tell my readers how my skin changed. This is strictly based on my own experience, and as everyone has a different type of skin, your experience with this product may be different from mine.

I'd want to begin by outlining the reasons I previously purchased this product. I was actually influenced by my coworkers. I was inquisitive and asked my coworker if she had any extras when I noticed this particular set of items she had bought to be given to someone else. Unfortunately, she didn't, so I set out to find a vendor who could bring the products to our building and was successful in doing so.

I'm anxious to try this out because I was convinced to buy it after reading a lot of encouraging reviews—not just from my coworkers but also online. The fact that it was effective for them gives me hope that it will be for me as well. So I contacted the seller and asked if the item was still available. At the designated time, she arrived in our building, and I excitedly listened to all the instructions she gave me on how to use the product safely. Additionally, she used WhatsApp to send me a few videos and some advice, which I really appreciated.

This rejuvenating set includes one toner, one papaine soap, one day cream, and three night creams.

These are the instructions on how to use this product:

Morning Routine:
  • Papaine soap- Its strong exfoliating abilities are useful for eliminating dead skin cells and reviving dry, flaky skin. It contains vitamin C-infused papaya and orange peel extracts that leave skin perfect, spotless, whiter, and younger-looking.
  • Day and Night Toner- It has a micro-peeling action that shows brand-new, young, and fresh skin. Active chemicals efficiently wash deep down into pores and aid in pore reduction. As the toxins and other unwholesome waste are removed from the skin, it can also give the skin a fresher, cleaner, and less greasy appearance. Additionally, it offers the skin a long-lasting radiance and lowers the risk of wrinkles, scars, and acne.
  • Day Cream- Contains natural zinc oxide and SPF 60 to combat UVA and UVB rays that are damaging. Additionally, it maintains the skin on the face healthy and nourished.

Night Routine:
  • Papaine soap
  • Day and Night Toner
  • Night Cream 1- Helps reduce visible signs of aging and darkspots. It lightens old pimple marks and blemishes. It also regenerates skin has active nourishing ingredients that rejuvenate the skin for the following day.
  • Night Cream 2- It is non-greasy gel form that helps moisturize, renew and repair aging skin. It gives the skin a nice dewy texture.
  • Night Cream 3- Improves skin elasticity, ,moisturize and tones the skin. Contains a powerful combination of Collagen and Placenta which helps repair and renew damaged skin cells.
The seller claims that this product has shown to be both safe and reliable. A prickly sensation, peeling, and darkening of the skin may appear after a few applications; this is a normal skin response brought on by the removal of dead skin cells. It's typical for the skin to temporarily get red during the first two weeks of therapy. It is not permissible to use this product in conjunction with other items that are not included in this set since doing so might cause different skin reactions and prevent us from seeing how effective this set is straight away.
For the first two weeks after purchasing the product, I was hesitant to use it for two reasons: first, the current product I'm using hasn't been used up yet; and second, I was concerned that this one might have a negative reaction with my skin. My hesitations were overridden by my desire to try new things, and because I had already paid for it and had been debating its price for the past two weeks, I made the decision to give it a try. In order to see whether there would be a difference after using the product for a month, I took a picture of my skin before using it. I've attached photos of my skin before and after using this set.

I apologize for the zoomed photos, but as you can see, one of my concerns, along with the other skin problems, is my large pores, which I really want to get rid of. This item is something I'm hoping can help. I have a fair complexion, and before using this product, I particularly liked that I didn't need to wear any cheek tints or add-on blush because my cheeks already had a natural blush. You will also see the little bumps I get once a month which were all because of fluctuating hormones.

I used it for the first two weeks, however after that time my face didn't undergo any amazing improvements. I've noticed lately that my skin has gotten darker, oilier, and redder. The fact that I'm putting something harsh on my skin is incredibly obvious, and I really want to cover it up with BB cream, but it won't work with this product, and the seller told me to only use powder with it. I'm doing my work despite the redness, thus. When I questioned my coworkers about it, they denied that my skin darkened. But every time I look in the mirror, I'm let down by what I see.

I waited patiently through the third and fourth weeks, but nothing had changed. My skin appears darker and far more red in the picture that follows. It seems as though I have changed into a red apple girl. My left cheek is beginning to breakout, therefore I made the decision to stop using the product. The only thing I liked about this product was that my nose grew shinier and felt smoother every time I touched it. The impact it made on my face, though, was not really striking.

As you can see, despite my high hopes that this product would help to minimize my pores, they instead turned out to be substantially larger, in addition to being oilier and redder than they had been. Since I'm only using the papaya soap right now, I'm considering going back to the Korean products I've been using consistently since they give my skin a radiant glow.

Despite the fact that I had to go through something unpleasant, I simply wanted to thank the nice seller who handed it to me. If you were to ask me if I would recommend this to someone looking for a rejuvenating set, I would say that you could use it provided your skin is not sensitive to using strong products like this and you are willing to use it for a long time. However, since I am dissatisfied with the results it produced on my face, I won't be purchasing it again.

Even though I had negative results with this product, we all have different skin types, so what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. To avoid irritation and unpleasant consequences, it is always good to read comments and reviews on every product that we will use on our skin and to continually consider our skin type and relate it to the items that we will use.

My Overall Rating:


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