Sooperbeaute’s Beautiful Skin Serum: Skincare Review

 My all-time favorite serums are Korean products. Whenever I see serums online, I'm frequently tempted to buy them. And the other day, when I was looking through my Instagram account, I noticed something that caught my attention.

Most of my serums are clear as water reason why I was taken aback by the color of Sooperbeaute's Beautiful Skin Serum and knew I had to try it straight away. I've read a lot of favorable reviews so I didn't give it much thought because it was so captivating.

This serum contains tea tree extract, vitamins B3, and E. It is a gentle serum that moisturizes the skin. It gets rid of dark spots, old scars, and hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide and vitamin B3 are also included in this serum to reduce skin redness and stop dryness in addition to correcting and balancing skin tone. They assert that this serum's vitamin E naturally protects the skin from UV rays. It also uses tea tree oil extract to treat acne and is excellent for dry or sensitive skin.

🌺Versatile serum serves as both a moisturizer and a foundation base.
🌺Fades hyperpigmentation, lingering scars, and dark areas
🌺Evens out and corrects skin tone
🌺Uses niacinamide and vitamin B3 to lessen skin redness
🌺With its moisturizing qualities, it prevents skin from becoming dry.
🌺Vitamin E provides natural sun protection.
🌺Tea tree oil extract helps to cure acne
🌺Can be applied to dry or delicate skin

How to Use
Apply a pea-sized quantity to the face and neck after using a cleanser and toner for radiance.

Water, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Triethonolamine, Glycerine, Tea Tree Extract, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Fragrance

I was compelled to purchase it since I like serums and am highly particular about their formulation, and I was shocked to hear that it is totally created in the Philippines. As directed by Sooperbeaute's Instagram account, I made the online purchase through Shopee, and I'm thrilled to learn that the serum only costs PHP169. Due to the fact that they were discounted at the time, I bought two serums. The alternative, which I'll share with you later, is the Baby Skin serum.

After two days of waiting, I finally received the products in good condition. The very first night I received it, I put it to immediate use, and I can see that its color made it incredibly cool. It was the first time I used serums that were unlike any serums I'd ever used before. I also felt that this serum was so thick that I couldn't get enough of it since the applicator or plunger was kind of defective. It could be because of its thickness or consistency, however I'm not sure why. I discovered nothing extraordinary after only a few weeks of using this product.

This serum has a grapefruit aroma, which I really like, however it had little effect on my skin. While some reviews indicate that this serum genuinely aids in avoiding acne, it doesn't work for me. I've had troubled skin for the previous few days. I noticed that it irritated and itched my skin, but it did not clear up the pimples on my chin. I decided to stop using it when a fresh pimple appeared on my chin.

This product is not suitable for my skin, thus I will not repurchase it. Personally, I would not recommend this to someone with delicate skin. Anyway, even though I had a negative experience with this product, we have different skin types, so what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. So it's best to always read comments and reviews on any products we use on our skin, and to always consider our skin type and link it to the products we use to avoid irritation and unfavorable effects.

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