How Applying Blush Can Change The Entire Appearance

Although everyone is aware that blush is utilized to highlight our cheekbones, where we put of the shade may significantly alter the appearance of our face. There was a time when we were instructed to color beneath our cheekbones to define them or just apply blush to the apples of our cheeks to give ourselves a radiant flush. Even if these conventional methods are still employed, beauty enthusiasts have found novel forms that will change the manner in which we see blush application.

The key to eliminating dark circles beneath the eyes is to apply blush underneath them, as cosmetic artists have been advising recently. The peach or pink tones contrast with the gloomy tones we frequently receive when we're exhausted. Many of us also began applying blush to our lower lids in order to get that dewy, almost burnt look. Makeup enthusiasts reported that these tips had a noticeable impact on their appearance. If we are fond of blush, there are further tactics we may attempt to switch up our appearance.

Applying blush based on the contours of the face

While our features cannot be physically altered, we may alter how we seem by applying blush. 

1. For round face. Cherry blush looks stunning on round features. A rounder face shape is typically characterized by soft, rounded features that are easy to blush, as well as appropriately proportional space on the forehead, cheeks, and jaw. 

It's important to put blush more prominently on the cheeks when applying makeup to a round face in order for it to emphasize and elevate the facial contour. To produce a subtle lift effect that aids in giving the face structure, apply blush to the tops of the apples of the cheeks, using the outer corners of the eyes as a reference. Without drawing attention to the natural roundness of the cheeks, a round face can look more sculpted by placing the blush slightly higher. The effect was a lengthy, snatched-looking appearance. In order to precisely distribute the product, this works best with a cream or liquid blush. For this look, a synthetic brush that is either flat or slightly angled is required.

2. For square face. Compared to other facial forms, square faces are inherently more angular, with prominent and pointed corners on the cheekbones, jaw, and temples. The goal of blushing a square face is to provide the appearance of more rounded features, which will soften the face's appearance.

It is preferable to concentrate blush application on the apples of the cheeks to create the illusion of fuller cheeks when applying blush on a square-shaped face. To achieve a flawless blend, apply in delicate, circular strokes and then gently brush outward towards the ears. Applying blush shouldn't go too near to the nose; instead, use our pupils as a guide to make sure the blush finishes in the middle of our eyes.

3. For oval face. An oval face has greater room in the frontal area and features that are somewhat longer than wide. The goal of blush application on an oval-shaped face is to help accentuate and round out the appearance of our cheekbones while highlighting their rosy glow.

In order to create the illusion of a more oval-shaped face, apply blush to the cheeks for a healthy-looking flush, highlighting the apples of the cheeks. Apply blush along our cheekbones' natural contour, working upwards and outwards before combining the two with gentle, circular strokes to give the appearance of more defined cheekbones.

4. For diamond-shaped face. With a pointed chin, a thin hairline, and higher, more prominent cheekbones, diamond faces resemble oval faces but with a little stronger angle.

For a flawless-looking finish, dab blush into the highest point of the cheekbones and mix it outward towards the ears over a diamond-shaped face. Due to their prominence on the face, diamond-shaped faces are ideal for higher blush placements since they wonderfully hold color on the cheekbones.

5. For heart-shaped face. Faces in the heart form have a pointed chin and a larger forehead than a traditional love heart shape. Applying blush to our cheekbones may help them appear rounder and more cherub-like, as well as soften the overall appearance of our face.

Start a little lower on the apples of our cheeks and work our way up our cheekbones and toward our temples in a curved, U-shaped motion. To get a flawless blush effect that helps to enhance the appearance of a heart-shaped face, make sure to flick our brush in order to smooth out the corners.

Other application tips...

  • Apply blush in an O-shape directly on the apples of our cheeks, however, if our face is on the narrower side and we like to give fullness to its form. In order to avoid drawing attention to our features, apply a cream where our cheeks are the broadest. Make sure that the color is not applied too near to our nose's sides as well. As a general rule, avoid going beyond the inner part of our pupils.
  • As far as the newest popular cream blush makeup techniques go, applying blush in the form of a W over our face for a gorgeous, flushed look without really getting sunburned has been a big deal. Apply a rose pink creme blush and trace a W on the cheekbones, beginning just below the temple. Afterwards, continue the curve across the nasal bridge into the opposite temple, blending the blush with a fluffy brush.
  • Another approach to achieve a gorgeous aura effect on our face is to apply blush in a C shape. Simply dab on some blush, forming a half circle toward our cheeks from just behind our browbone. Using a sponge, blend the color if we're using a cream formula. For a subtle, sun-kissed look, we may even apply the color starting at our temples, directly above our brows. To ensure that the forms aren't noticeable, keep in mind that blending is crucial when using these technique.

Using blush is a fantastic technique to give our faces a bit more color and dimension. It's simple to locate a tint that accentuates our inherent beauty with the variety of options offered. Now that we have these pointers, we may use blush with confidence in our regular makeup looks.


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