Ways to Use Cosmetics to Mask Sunburn

The common misconception is that sunburns and tans only occur during the summer. However, this isn't always the case. Sunburns are a year-round occurrence, and they are also rather common in the winter. The combination of the lowered temperature and moisture loss in the air weakens our skin's defenses against burns from unprotected exposure. 

Credit: Canva

In case applying a lot of foundation is our initial approach to hiding a sunburn, be cautious of makeup that seems caked on. Sunburns may be really painful, therefore we need to be very careful not to harm our skin any further. Even with regular SPF use, it's likely that we've had one or more sunburns in the past. Most of us are aware that aloe helps promote healing from sunburns, but what if we wanted to lessen the look of a burn while treating it? Let's see how to conceal a sunburn using makeup in only these steps:

Step 1: Apply Light Foundation Cosmetics

Anything that would aggravate our already burnt skin should be avoided. Till scorched skin heals, stay away from active anti-aging creams, exfoliating equipment and products, acne products, and alcohol-based astringents. Adopt a simple regimen and limit the application of products to those with moisturizing qualities to help keep the skin moisturized and SPF-containing products to help shield it from future harm.

Step 2: Grab a color correction stick

When we want to counteract sunburn redness, a color-correcting concealer will be helpful. Our savior in this situation will be a green corrector, similar to the green pigment used in color correction solutions. Apply the product and gently massage it over the desired area of the skin to reduce redness.

Step 3: Use a sponge or blender to apply our face makeup.

Making careful not to spread foundation all over our face with our hands after applying our color corrector is in its proper spot is important. Steer clear of aggressive application techniques like stippling brushes. To avoid irritation, apply any facial creams using a moist sponge instead.

Step 4: Make the rest of the process simple.

Beyond that, it's ideal to maintain our makeup natural, fresh, and clean. A cool bronzer could assist integrate it with our tanned skin tone. Individuals may attempt to overcompensate, but being natural is preferable because we'll already be attempting to hide the redness. 

In cases when there are blisters or other indications of infection, we must consult a physician instead of using cosmetics. In the event that our circumstance is not as dire and we feel compelled to conceal it, follow the guidance and take the least dangerous route. Just be cautious, and keep in mind to use sun protection more carefully the next time to reduce our risk of becoming sunburned.


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