How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner Correctly: A Guide

There are several pencil eyeliners on the market, so it's important to know how to pick the best one for flawless lines. Even if we may produce faint lines with a black pencil, an eyeliner is all we need to create flawless eye makeup. It gives our eyes a form, which further characterizes them. To further enhance the significance of our eyes, we may also add color or tints. However, when we like natural lips, a strong eyeliner may create an artistic style. Additionally, eyeliner may help create a smokey effect for our eyes. Above all, though, we must always keep in mind that applying eyeliner requires a steady hand.

There are a lot of amazing beauty tools that come in pen, gel, and pencil forms and enhance the appearance of our eyes. Remember that we should search for pencil eyeliners that have sharpeners integrated into them or that come with sharpeners. Regular sharpeners are not suitable for sharpening eye pencils. To make our eyes stand out, we may also use eye color pencils in shades like white, turquoise, and green. Additionally, we may get a full smoky eye appearance by using pencil eyeliner under our eyelids or on our lower lashes. 

To get a perfect, long-lasting, and waterproof appearance, there are several methods, approaches, and strategies that we may learn and apply. All of them, though, can be distilled into a few essential ideas. Whether we are going for a glamorous appearance or a strong winged cat-eye look, it all comes down to how we mix our makeup and apply beauty products. Here are some easy steps to follow when applying eyeliner with an eye liner pencil:

    • Our eyes should be cleaned and primed. The eyeliner will remain on the lids longer if we use loose powder on our greasy lids. To further improve our appearance, apply a thin coating of powder eye shadow in a hue that matches our eyeliner.
    • Draw a line starting in the center of the lid and going all the way to the outside corner, following the upward lash line. Don't worry if we don't obtain a perfect line along the lash line—we can always fill it in later. It's crucial to trace a line correctly. Look for hypoallergenic eyeliner formulations if we wear contact lenses or have allergies to particular components.
    • Using gentle strokes, fill in the space between the traced line and the lash line with the eye liner pencil. If this is the first time we've seen a thick line, that's okay. We will become accustomed to it and be able to draw lines whatever we choose after a few practice sessions.
    • Draw a line toward the inner corner from the outer corner following the bottom lash line. The place where the top lash line's outer corner terminates is where you should start drawing.
    • After we're done, we may either use our fingers or a smudge brush. The bottom lash line should be somewhat smudged.

Before applying eyeliner to the eyelids, consider the following:

    • To get a flawless eyeliner finish free of cracks, gently extend the eyelid from the outside corner.
    • Apply a small quantity of loose powder with an eyeliner brush beneath the smeared line. This will stop the smudging of our eye liner. The top lash line can be treated in the same way. Apply a few generous layers of mascara to finish.

From the outset, lining the eyes could appear difficult. That's because using an eye pencil calls for accuracy. However, we may readily become proficient at this talent with practice. Those who struggle with using eyeliners and eye pencils will find this easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction helpful. Let us now take the eyeliner we choose to include in our cosmetics collection, apply it according to these guidelines, and begin learning.


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