How To Make Your Face Shine With Makeup

Radiant skin continues to be trendy, and while we attempt to get the most of our natural brightness with improved skincare, majority of us want a dash of extra to reach those peak points and give our skin that desired brightened natural appearance. Highlighters, which come in a variety of wonderfully diverse hues and brilliance, are a must-have item in the majority of cosmetic kits. 

In order to highlight particular parts and give our features a lightening boost, it is important to emulate the way that natural light captures and shines off our bone structure. And, as with other major trends, it spans a range of aesthetics, from the in-vogue dewy glass skin impression to those attention-grabbing holographic colours or multicolor contouring. The times need skincare-makeup blends that amplify and enhance our inherent beauty, producing shiny, moisturized skin with that post-facial radiance that glows out.

If we want to capture light and draw attention to our features and make them appear more prominent, highlighter is used on skin tones that are significantly lighter than our own. When our features have been overshadowed by a full-coverage foundation, light-reflecting cosmetics are especially useful since they help bring depth to our faces in addition to highlighting and illuminating the skin. The results may be breathtaking when used in conjunction with contouring.

What Sort of Highlighter Is Best?

Highlighter comes in countless formulations, much like eyeshadow, foundation, blush, or virtually any other beauty product. There are highlighters available that provide a variety of lighting results, from a soft shine to a glossy appearance, or highlighters that resemble iridescent pearls. Even more extreme highlighters can give us a holographic appearance. Every hue under the rainbow is present, and then more.

The formulations for highlighters might be liquid, cream, or powder (pressed or loose). Due to their greater buildability and ability to offer a little more pigment payoff, powder highlighters are the greatest for those with oily skin because they don't frequently add any more oils or emollience. People with combination or dry skin types can benefit greatly from highlighters that are available in cream or liquid form because they tend to be more sheer.  

  • For Darker Skin Tone. On darker skin tones, golden or copper hues look lovely. Pick a highlighter that also includes a lovely blush and bronzer so that we have everything we need to make our skin sparkle in one easy surface.
  • To Get A Sun-Kissed Glow. On the other hand, medium skin tones usually benefit more from peaches and pinks. To get a sun-kissed glow, combine the bronze shade on the left with the lighter shade of highlighter as you sweep it over our cheekbones.
  • For Fair-Skinned People. The decision we make when it comes to colors and finishes is mostly dependent on personal preference. On fair or pale complexion with pink undertones, colder tones in pearl or silver hues tend to seem more natural. 

Where Should I Apply Highlighter for the Best Results?

Stick to the high areas of our face, which are often situated where the light would naturally strike, such as the highest parts of our cheekbones, our brow bone, the cupid's bow (or the narrow dip over the center of the upper lip), as well as the bridge of our nose, to get the finest natural-looking glow. Even the very tip of our nose may be touched up. Once we've mastered those fundamentals, we may use our creativity to advance. It can be placed on our temples if we have a broad face since it alters and provides our face form and contour.

Any place that we wish to stand out can be highlighted with highlighters. Apply a little highlighter to our collarbones and shoulders. We can run a little bit highlighter down our arms' fronts. Our legs will also look great with a dash of highlighter along the middle. Even while body highlighter may seem excessive for daily wear, it's actually the secret that celebrities utilize to glow on the big night. So if we want to up our style game for an upcoming celebration, nice dinner, or special moment, give it a shot. 

Applying a Powder Highlighter

The first thing we must do if we want to utilize a powder highlighter while using liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer is:

  • We prepped our base with a translucent powder. This will make it easier for our highlighter to apply evenly and prevent skidding or creasing, but if we're using a liquid or cream alternative, it's okay to leave out this step as they'll simply blend in. Keep in mind the general makeup guideline that liquids and/or creams should be applied on top of other liquids and/or creams and powders should be applied over powders.
  • To prevent oversaturating our cheekbones with highlighter, softly dunk a tiny, tapered brush into the powder and tap off the excess. With an angled brush or a small to small to medium- cheek brush, powder highlighters perform best. Basically, we only need something small for accuracy; an eyeshadow brush with a fluffy tip would suffice.
  • After that, swipe the brush across our high points, not forgetting the nasal bridge, Cupid's bow, brow bones, and cheekbones.

How to Use Liquid Highlighter

  • First, dab a little amount of liquid highlighter into our high points, then use our fingers or a foundation brush to thin down those areas and smooth them out.
  • Simply squeeze a tiny quantity of liquid highlighter onto a finger, then apply to the high points of the face if the container has a pump applicator.
  • A cosmetic sponge can also be used. Blend a couple of drops of liquid highlighter right into our foundation to create an all-over radiance if we like a more diffuse, dewy luminosity.

How to Use Cream Highlighter

  • The highlighter should be applied with a fingertip precisely where we want it to sparkle.
  • Use the foundation application brush or makeup sponge to completely conceal such areas for a flawless finish.

Since there are so many alternatives available and it seems like hundreds more are being introduced every month, these guidelines may help us understand what a highlighter is and how to use it. Without them, we might not know where to begin our highlighting adventure. And because it has earned a place in the normal person's daily routine and for good reason, many people genuinely enthuse about it.

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