Beginners' Guide on Putting Makeup

In addition to being a great method to enhance our appearance and express our creativity, makeup can also be soothing. Making beautiful beginner makeup is as easy as pie and doesn't call for any specialized expertise or training. Although there isn't a single right technique to apply makeup, there is a basic sequence that will make things simpler and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Even the most experienced beauty enthusiast may find assembling a nice cosmetic kit to be difficult and daunting, let alone a makeup beginner. Finding the items that are ideal for us might be a little difficult when there are hundreds of thousands to select from. Therefore, we've put up a list of all the beauty steps we think everyone should do if they're just starting off and want a strong beginning point. 

1. Prepare the skin.

With great skincare comes amazing makeup. Therefore, a clear and unblemished skin surface is crucial at all times. Because without cleansing and moisturizing, makeup can never settle correctly for our skin type. Without a good base, we won't be able to apply makeup evenly or flawlessly. As a result, our concealer becomes cakey and our foundation seems heavy and tends to settle on the dry areas of our face. 

2. Put primer on.

The finest primer to choose for our skin type is important since not all primers are made equally and we want to get the greatest results. If it's applied with a forceful stroke, the primer will start to clump or pill, which is not the effect we're trying for. Therefore, apply primer in fine, thin layers. We concentrate a light layer on our chin, cheekbones, and forehead instead. These are often the places that are the oiliest, thus this enables it to mattify and blur there.

3. Make use of foundation and concealer.

Have a variety of foundation shades on hand because the seasons will affect how our skin looks. However, we don't have to spend a fortune on each shade; instead, we may combine a few tones to get an ideal fit. Concentrating on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, we apply some foundation in little dots on the T-zone. Following that, blend it with a foundation brush. Using a foundation brush is effortless, making it a perfect alternative for beginners and anybody trying to streamline their makeup regimen, even if we may also use a cosmetic sponge or even our fingers. Start by blending up and out with a tiny quantity of product to get a natural finish.

Consider using concealer behind the eyes, around the nose, and on any blemishes or dark spots as well as any other places we wish to cover. Dabbing the substance is always preferred over dragging when concealing. We should never spread concealer when using it; instead, we should dab it over the region we wish to hide and let it soak in. Apply it to blemishes and softly dab with our ring finger, a concealer brush, or a sponge. We can hide the area beneath our eyes by softly rubbing the makeup into two inverted triangles under each eye. In addition to being very failsafe, the upside-down triangle method also makes the whole face appear younger looking. 

4. Create our makeup base.

We apply our setting powder with a brush or puff, then blot off any excess. Before putting it to the skin, we always want to make sure that it is equally distributed. Then, press it into our face to prevent moving our makeup while we are applying it. As the day progresses, concentrate on the areas that often appear to require touch-ups. 

5. Make contours.

Contour is available in powder, liquid, and cream forms; the powder is the most reliable and is hence the best choice for beginners. Concentrate with an angled brush on the places where you wish to add depth. Put contours on our nose's sides, the area around our hairline, and beneath our cheekbones. 

6. Highlight the skin.

Focus on the most prominent parts of our faces where the sun would naturally cast while applying highlighter. The most realistic dimension may be achieved by applying highlighter above cheekbones, above the brow arch, and along the bridge of the nose, and blending it in well.

Although there are many other types of highlighter, we chose pressed powder highlighters when we were just learning how to apply makeup since they are the easiest for newbies to master. Use the product by dipping your brush into it, then tap off any extra powder before applying. Next, gently move it over the peaks of our face.

7. Putting cheek color in.

Choosing a color that highlights the undertone of our skin is ideal. Apply blush to the apples of our cheeks with a brush to get a soft, natural-looking flush then move the brush in circular movements to blend. Smiling and putting on the extra blush, letting the brush to cover the cheek by stroking upwards, is a surefire approach to apply blush. For a subtle glow that is simple to blend in, we may also try a cream blush.

8. Put on eye makeup.

We may modify our eye makeup to fit our mood based on where we're going and what we plan to wear. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara are the three items we always have on hand; the rest will come later. After we've put on our eyeshadow, we may apply our eyeliner. Beginners may start off slowly and work their way up to adding wings or cat flicks by using a creamy, non-waterproof pencil that is placed closest to the lashes.

The brows themselves are worthy of favorable remarks. We may use a range of items, including as brow pencils, powders, or gels, to either make our brows seem bigger or improve their natural contour. For the most realistic-looking method that resembles our actual hair, use a pencil. If we wish to fill up any unkempt areas, we should use brow powder. Finally, when we need to maintain the shape of unruly brows, we should reach for the brow gel. 

9. Put on lip products

Outline our mouth with a lip liner. By contouring, or softly lining over our lips, we may give the appearance of a fuller lip. After that, we'll line our lips. Put our lipstick on top of this as an outline.

We're prepared to advance our makeup regimen with the help of these suggestions, the appropriate supplies, and some practice. Finding the style that makes us feel the most confident about ourselves is the key. Of the greatest importance, keep in mind that taking things at what suits us is the first step in learning how to apply makeup effectively.

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