What Treatment Does Millie Bobby Brown Use For Her Pimples?

Millie Bobby Brown revealed the treatments she puts on her irritated pimples while filming with naked skin. The celebrity opened up about her skin problems and filmed herself to demonstrate how she handles them. She told fans that she's been going through a difficult night with her skin and that she's not very pleased while trying to point out her blemishes and added that she believes they are hormonal.

She went on to claim that she is going to share her viewers a trick that has truly worked for her in the past when it comes to dealing with difficult days. She shows how to apply Florence by Mills' Clear the Way Clarifying Mud Mask as a spot treatment by putting it on the pimple areas in order to dry them and letting it sit on them overnight.

Millie also affixed a patch to her most swollen pimple, telling her followers that she is going to apply one of the tea tree oil spot stickers on her irritated pimple that looks furious at her to just give it the attention it deserves. In order to ensure that the entire area was covered, she even filled up the patch, the tiny whales perfectly arranged.

The two products that Millie Bobby Brown (which, I haven't yet tried) used for her pimples are all from Florence by Mills. Salicylic acid and charcoal powder in the Florence By Mills Clear the Way Clarifying Mud Mask pull out impurities to help unclog pores and decrease their appearance. It also contains kaolin clay, which softly yet efficiently exfoliates surface skin cells without over-drying, as well as lavender and tea tree oils, which help soothe irritated skin. Following application, the skin appears and feels smoother. It also helps to clear and decrease the pore size, resulting in smoother, smoother skin that calms irritated skin.

The Florence by Mills Spot a Spot Acne Patches, (which, I haven't yet tried) on the other hand, are adorable acne spot stickers that serve as the best defenses against any spot, dot, or blemish that protrudes from our skin. To target each problem, it is formulated with skin-loving components such as peppermint oil, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil. The hydrocolloid protects each spot from bacteria and aids in the removal of dirt, oils, and impurities, resulting in a smoother appearance.


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