Properly Straightening Hair Without Frizz Using Hair Straightener

It all comes down to the tools we use while straightening our hair. A ceramic straightener will give us the smoothest-looking straight hair. The tourmaline and negative ions in this straightener protect the cuticle of our hair, resulting in reduced breakage and frizz as we straighten.

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These are the instructions on how to use a hair straightener correctly to prevent breakage and get smooth, straight strands.

How to properly straighten the hair using straightener??

1. The use of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is advised. While we wash, it helps to repair hair damage in addition to making our hair strands softer. If you have thick hair, stay away from volumizing shampoos and conditioners since they include ingredients that create structure by roughening up the cuticle. It could be more difficult to straighten our hair as a result.

2. Apply heat protection. After washing, gently comb through damp hair with an anti-frizz brush. When our hair is damp but not quite dry, use a microfiber towel to gently pat it dry. Our hair is protected from color fading, drying out, and damage by thermal protection products. Include any straightening styling products. Utilize a product that may provide your hair hydration, gloss, and smoothness while also having a little control to maintain it straight.

3. Use a blow dryer to smooth hair. We should have to dry our hair after taking a shower and using our heat protectant. While air drying is an option, using a blow dryer will result in a quicker straightening procedure. We don't have to be as exact while blow drying our hair because we'll be utilizing a hair straightener. We may use a brush to straighten our hair and produce wider parts. Whatever method we use, we'll want to make sure our hair is completely dry before proceeding.

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4. Straighten in segments. Apply additional heat protectant right before using our flat iron for more defense against breakage and heat damage. The remainder of our hair was then clipped off with sectioning clips after being divided into one-inch parts. Place a one-inch length of our straightener between the plates, then carefully glide over the area while applying uniform pressure. We will go over all of our little portions of hair in this manner. Start with the front portions of our hair and move backwards while pushing the straightener in a forward motion if we want our hair to hang front and frame our face. Start at the back of our head and go forward, straightening each area of hair backwards until it is pulled back and away from our face.

5. Finally, use a finishing product. We want our hair to stay straight and silky now that it is. To maintain our style and stop frizz from appearing, use a serum or cream. The product that fights frizz will give our straight hair luster and depth.


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