Properly Straightening Hair Without Frizz Using Blow Dryer

Despite the fads in hair trends, smooth, straight hair never goes out of style. A straightening treatment is frequently the only method for tresses with curls or waves to achieve a straight look, even if some of us are blessed with naturally straight strands. However, hair straightening isn't simple and can potentially harm our hair, as anybody who has ever used a blowdryer can attest to.

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With simply a blow dryer, we may straighten our hair if it is nearly straight, somewhat wavy, or curly. Our blow drying method is the key to attaining smooth strands as we won't be utilizing a flat iron here. Here's how to use a blow dryer properly to prevent damage and get silky, smooth strands.

How to properly blow dry the hair without frizz??

1. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are recommended. While we wash, it not only makes our hair strands smoother, but it also aids in hair damage repair. Avoid volumizing shampoos and conditioners if we have thick hair since they include substances that roughen up the cuticle to generate structure. This may make straightening our hair more challenging.

2. Use heat protection. After washing, use an anti-frizz brush to gently comb through our damp hair. When our hair is moist but not completely dry, gently pat it with a microfiber cloth.  Products with thermal protection assist shield our hair from color fading, drying out, and damage. Include any styling products for straightening. Use a product that can provide shine, smoothness, and moisture to our hair while also having a little control to keep it straight.

Prior to beginning the blow drying process, make sure that our hair is equally damp and that no strands are dryer than others. Furthermore, avoid overdrying; if our hair has already begun to dry out and become frizzy, we'll be facing a difficult situation.

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3. Hair that is not completely dry. Now is the proper moment to use our blow dryer. Our hair should first be combed through with a vent brush after we turn our head upside down. It is a paddle brush with openings on the rear that let our blow dryer's air pass through. To add lift to the roots for volume and to begin smoothing the cuticle, continue our brush strokes with the blow dryer. The style treatments we use to keep our hair straightened longer will also start to work as a result of this.

4. Sectional brushing and rolling. It's time to smooth our hair in portions now that it's almost dried. Attaching the little nozzle to our blow dryer will assist focus the airflow on the specific section we are working on. Parallel to our rear hairline, create a horizontal part across our head, and clip in little portion of hair. In order for the air from our hair drier to reach the roots, ensure there are no stray hairs hanging down from other sections.

Starting with a part at the nape of our neck, continue combing and blow drying our hair in sections. Use a boar bristle brush to apply exactly the right amount of tension to our hair's roots so that when heated by a blow dryer, the straightening process may begin. The hair should be wrapped around the brush by placing it below the portion of hair. As we move the brush through the length of the hair, direct the blow dryer's air down the hair shaft, carefully following the hair. Repeat this procedure on smaller pieces of hair, concluding with the front areas, until the entire head is dry.

Keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case any portions begin to frizz or dry up before we can reach them. Before applying the brush and blow dryer, spritz and rewet those portions of dry hair.

The use of a blow dryer to straighten our hair in this manner will be somewhat laborious, but having it done correctly will not only perform the task of hair straightening, but will also help us prevent future hair issues.


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