The Role of Smartphones in Breakouts And Its Prevention

Too much screen time can also result in breakouts on the chin and other parts of the face that come into close, repeated touch with our phones. Two things that might cause fine lines around the eyes and on the neck are spending too much time hunched over and having our eyes fixed on screens. Since lines are created by physical movement, if we're continually squinting and staring down at our iPhones, the likelihood is that wrinkles will eventually appear.

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The main adverse effect of cellphones on skin care, however, is not these tiny lines and wrinkles. Our cell phone could be to fault if our face is breaking out more frequently than normal, particularly if we have breakouts along our chin and jawline. Due to the fact that we frequently browse through our dirty phones with our hands while holding them close to our skin for extended periods of time, the combination of the dirt on the phone and the oils and cosmetics on our skin can cause acne, breakouts, and other blemishes.

Our phone likely contains a lot of bacteria that isn't always obvious to the naked eye. In addition to coming into contact with the bacteria when we place the phone on our skin to make a call, this also causes our skin to perspire and maybe even cause oil to get clogged in our pores. And to make matters worse, the strain of the phone on our skin may lead to blemishes.

According to studies, our cellphones serve as a breeding place for bacteria, most of which are innocuous but some of which are not. Staphylococcus aureus  is one of the most prevalent bacteria discovered on our mobile phones and is known to cause bumps and rashes on the skin.

These are a little extra help in fighting the bacteria that causes breakouts:

🌺Wipe down mobile devices. We should regularly clean our cell phone with a microfiber cloth, especially if acne is a problem for us right now. Even if our phone doesn't appear to be unclean, we should nonetheless do this.

🌺Reduce Pressure. To prevent applying unneeded pressure to our skin, hold the phone lightly or away from our face. By applying pressure, rubbing, or causing friction on the skin, this might lead to acne mechanica. Phone acne is brought on by pressure exerted on the skin's oil glands, which activates them and increases acne flare-ups.

🌺Put on your earbuds. Use earbuds to avoid touching our skin with the phone. This will prevent any bacteria on our phone's screen from touching or resting against our face while we are on a call. A speakerphone, a headset, or—when available—texting are other options.

🌺Utilize skincare products effectively. Pay specific attention to our cheeks and chin, which frequently come into touch with our cell phone, when cleansing and treating our skin with products that include acne-fighting treatments.

While smartphones have given users the ability to do actions with just a flick or tap of our fingers, maybe our biggest contribution will be to assess if we are following the aforementioned advice in order to be able to prevent its impact on our skin as well.


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