A Quick Guide to Applying Makeup

Everybody is in favor of anything that makes daily tasks a little bit simpler, particularly when it pertains to applying cosmetics. Multipurpose products may be a great savior when we only have minutes to accomplish a whole cosmetic look. Tinted moisturizers with SPF or moisturizing BB creams are fantastic starters when looking for makeup that streamlines our skincare regimen. Consequently, the following makeup regimen is perfect for times when we are pressed for time.

Step 1. Set base makeup on

Choose a cosmetic product that combines skincare and coverage in one when we don't have enough time for our complete morning or evening beauty regimen. To prime, hydrate, and smooth our skin all at once, pick a good CC or BB cream. In addition to moisturizing, tinted moisturizers offer buildable protection. Pour a tiny quantity of the tinted moisturizer onto your hand to speed up application. Then, use your finger to apply it to your face. Using our finger for this stage causes the substance to get somewhat heated, hastening the blending process.

Step 2. Utilize concealer in a heartbeat.

Try using concealer in the morning to assist our faces look brighter. Dot under our eyes with a tiny bit of the substance that we just squeezed onto our ring finger. If necessary, swipe or dab the concealer on any redness or blemishes.

Step 3. One-Step Contour and Blush

Use the narrower side of the brush to contour by dipping it into our preferred bronzer or contour powder. The regions beneath our cheekbones, around our jawline, and on our forehead are all acceptable places to contour with the powder. For quick, effortless cheekbone contour, stroke the brush side to side and up, never down.

When we're prepared to apply blush, just reverse the brush's angle so that we're using the broader, fluffier side. Swipe the end across our cheeks after dipping it into the powder blush. We don't have to be concerned about obtaining too much or too little color because of the brush's tightly packed, really soft bristles, which are designed to hold onto powders and smooth them out effortlessly. For a properly blended blush, gently pat each cheek with the palm of our hand.

Step 4. Fixing Eyes Quickly

We should keep our eye makeup straightforward. Pick a neutral base hue that will only slightly tinge our eyes with color. Apply the color in a sweeping motion to the lower lash line and eyelid, then buff and smooth it out with a soft blending brush. Apply volumizing or lengthening mascara last, and for an effortless brow appearance, run an eyebrow gel through the brows.

Step 5. Lipstick is a Must

Apply a lip stain or long-lasting lip color to complete our look before we dash out the house. The concealer that was on the bristles of our concealer brush may be used to quickly cover up any smudges that may have formed around the borders of our lips.

So there you have it, the five easiest but comprehensive steps to follow for a finished makeup look. Even if we just have a few minutes to get ready, it is still crucial that we always appear presentable. 


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