How To Perfect That Pouty Look?

Are you creative and enjoy experimenting with lip colors? We shouldn't ever apply lipstick or lip color without first priming our lips, as the majority of beauty experts will advise us. This is because our lips frequently have dry, flaky, or chapped skin, so making sure they're soft and moisturized will make a huge difference in how the color sits and acts on our lips. Everything depends on how we prepare our lips. Here are some advice and techniques for applying lip color and lipstick with ease.

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1. Lip exfoliation

We need to use a lip scrub to exfoliate our lips. In tiny circular motions, apply this mixture to our lips, then wash it off with water. We may move forward after applying barrier balm to the lips. We can also try a straightforward sugar and honey mixture diluted with some olive or coconut oil to exfoliate lips. To completely remove those flakes, we may also gently clean with an old toothbrush, but we must be careful not to scrub too vigorously. Maintain mild pressure.

2. Refine Lip Base

After exfoliating, we may make some minor lip color adjustments. We can try using a light foundation powder to provide a base tone for our lip color if we have dark lips. We can also use our usual foundation to establish the base if our lips are light or medium colored. There are also available lip concealer, a good alternative to our foundation.

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3. Put lip liner on.

Are you unsure about the best time to use lip liner? Although some like to do this after adding the lipstick, using lip liner first will help us define the form of the lips we're filling. If we want to extend the wear of the color we're using, we may also fill the lips with the liner. After we've filled in the lip color, we can always go back and adjust and improve our lip appearance by going through the lining technique again.

4. Put on lipstick.

Since this provides us the finest color control, we should apply our lip color or lip crayon from the center of our lips outward. While some individuals like to work with a lip brush or even their fingers to blot, others might prefer to apply the lip color straight to their lips. It all boils down to personal choice and the desired outcome. Remember to dab our lips to eliminate any excess. For the purpose of securing the lip color, we can use a light fixing mist or spray.

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